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Rosetta Stone: Simply one of the best! Interactive, easy to use, and best of all they have a large variety of languages featured.

DuoLingo: For the person who likes a game interface. Not quite as complete and intensive as Rosetta Stone, but also a large variety of languages (including Klingon and Latin!)

Pimsleur: A tried and true classic!

BeelinguApp: If you love reading books, listening to podcasts and audio, this type of language learning may be for you!



Grammar Girl  Mignon makes Grammar easy, fun, and quickly accessible!

Thesaurus:  An easy rabbit hole to fall down as you go from link to link with word meanings and relationships!

The Punctuation Guide:  Oh, what fun! Do you know when to use a colon? A semi colon?

The Grammerly Blog: A nother superb grammar resource, I've used their extension for years and wouldn't write without it!

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