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Skills Employees Put Into Use Immediately
  • How to confidently express themselves in writing

  • Speaking English fluidly and with ease

  • Reading with comprehension

  • Active listening for better understanding

What We Offer
  • Conversational Confidence + Verbal Training: Idioms + Accents, Tone + Inflection, and More!

  • Writing For Business: Presentations + Content Marketing, Proofreading

  • Public Speaking Confidence

  • Reading For Comprehension: Skimming + Scanning

  • Active listening for better Understanding

  • The language of cultural agility + diversity

How We Do It

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Dynamic Virtual Custom Courses

Dynamically involved, immediately actionable, and virtual to make the best use of your employees time. 

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All employees have a right to respect. Courses include the language surrounding inclusion and how to implement it in conversation and day-to-day speech. 

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1:1 Custom Coaching

A virtual course that is perfect for brushing up on current skill sets or enhancing an upcoming project: presentations, public speaking, content marketing

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Cultural Agility

The hospitality industry serves individuals from all around the world. We help challenges surrounding blocks in language between cultures.

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Group Course Programs

10- week group courses custom designed for your company employee needs. Dynamic, engaged, and retention focused.

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In Person 2-Day Course

We're digital nomads! We can come to your city for 2-day courses. Contact us for details. 

Intrigued? Questions? 

Book a FREE 30 Minute Chat

We'll get right down to business and make the most use of your time. You'll learn more about our custom English Courses and how you or your employees can benefit from confident English!

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