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Maria Randolph: Say What Inc.

Building Experiences + Guiding Goals

From a young age, I liked to organize experiences that delighted others. I played tour guide, hostess, teacher, event organizer, and performer. Fast forward more than 30 years later and I realize that every job I've ever had is about enhancing guest experience: customer care specialist, docent/tour guide, travel organizing, concierge, event planning, and designing custom retreats.


I grew up in the United States in two very beautiful regions: the Midwest and the Northeast where my husband and I enjoyed raising our daughter near the wild Atlantic.


Beyond creating experiences for others my curiosity is always piqued by: volunteering wherever I land, learning about India's textile history, learning Hindi, unschooling, hula-hoops, art galleries, two beautiful baby nieces, and obsessing over genealogy, and how many bracelets one person can own.

(Never too many!) 


Today, I'm a digital nomad traveling with my husband to various locations around the world, and I am the Founder of

Say What? Inc.

I'm excited to be a tour guide again:

The tour guide to English Communication Confidence for those who are just as zealous about the guest experience as I am!

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