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English Confidence for the Hospitality and Travel Industry

Female receptionist handing room key card to male guest
Is your service truly five-star? 

If your or your employee's grasp of English isn't as good as it could be, it is costing you, your employee, your company, and most of all your guests. How?

A lack of employee confidence translates to a lack in employees' enthusiasm for the company and its guests. Thi
s will 100% impact the relationship with guest loyalty and retention.

If day-to-day interactions, group conversations, emails, and presentations are a source of stress to you or your employees it will quickly become apparent to ALL [peer and guests alike] in a lack of confidence, efficiency, and connection.

We have encountered many in the hospitality industry who have felt all the above fears about their inadequacy in advanced English communication that is required to host guests and business partners from around the globe.

You and your company are one step ahead because:
Your company has the experience, know-how, and incredible cultural knowledge guests are excited to learn about.
Guests want more!
You want to enhance their experience not detract from it! You know exceptional guest experience garners return guests, good reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations. 

When guests clearly understand you and your employees when your fluidity with English increases, personal and company opportunities soar. Your company is able to serve, educate, and
your guests and industry peers above and beyond your competition.
Interactions with guests and clients from across the globe will no longer intimidate you or your employees.

ive Star Service Means This: 
Confident and empowered English for you and your employeee=quality guest experience and loyalty!

How does Say What? help you and your brand? 
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