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About Say What? Inc.

Creating dynamic one-of-a-kind courses to build English confidence didn't come about by accident.

Learn more about Say What? Inc. roots here. 

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Our dedication is to serve HR/LD departments within the hospitality industry to elevate their employees' communication skills.  

With custom one on one coaching, group courses, or live events we are zealous to enrich, empower and engage with our clients, building confidence and composure in communicating with their guests from around the world.  

We are focused on being active partners with our clients and their employees. We are committed to nurturing natural curiosity, engagement, and creating a dynamic atmosphere for learning.

We are devoted to inclusion and developing programs that include cultural agility and enabling participation of diverse abilities.

Introducing a Speaker


Our goal for 2023 is to empower over 1500 individuals to develop an ease with their communication skills. 

In addition we are striving to build more programs to include a wide variety of cultures and abilities. 

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